Time And Universe Crossover games



Dear console gamedesigner:

Pls create rpg tag team and fightning tag team themes games together in one of these games in which player can team up to return to their universe and time or create one where both time exist together like:
Persona The Anime Vs Claymore The Anime On Ps3
X The Anime Vs Claymore The anime on ps3
X-Men Vs Bleach on ps3
Claymore The Fightning Game On Ps3
Marvel Universe Vs Clamp universe On Ps3
Universe Tag Team Battle.

Just a suggestion don't be lazy pls do it for all M18 gamers
Include Gore, blood and spirit gauge level up ranking for each defeated combatant.
No X rated nudity
Each spirit Gauge Level Up allows player to restore 50% health or full health after battle.
Near Death battle include player ability to reveal the horrible sight like for example in Claymore The anime, Clare unleash her Awakening Being restore 70% health gauge and unleashing a skill called Death To All.
After near death battle, players cannot revert back to the normal self but have to use the near death characters to fight on.
Near Death Characters Level down after battle.
Near Death Characters use different spirit gauge call forbidden death.
Forbidden Death skill likes : Death To All, Nobody a loser, Xtreme Blood Lose.....
Different Level depends on the game developer.
Limited edition for each game include Dvd-rom media info like the game development, story for example a crazed blood killer God or Goddess call Bane Or Sera from a slumbering dimension awaken to make them battle. Bane or Sera can only be unlock through the ps3 store or include only for Limited edition user for all region.
Bane Or Sera have their different skills like Aura death hits when weaken.
Bane attacks are using tarots cards. He uses four or five cards to summon a spirit to spirit steal in which normal or forbidden death spirit gauge down.In forbidden death spirit gauge causing the characters to reverse back to normal character. In normal spirit gauge, reduced health gauge by 60%.
Bane Mega Death attack look like dead souls arms pulling the characters into his card and after which he torched the card causing damage previous leading damage cause by the chosen character to hit back on him or her.
Weaken Bane unleash skill like Mega Death hitting everything on screen.
Sera attacks are using spell like talismen like thunderwave,time freeze or her golden armor which she wears to unleash blindness to characters in the game temporarily giving her the chance to hit back unlike Bane. Watch out for Sera attack call time freeze she release one or three characters defeated by your character to send you off not only that because in time freeze you cannot move. Her thunderwave attack is weak but try no to get hit and avoid it.
Weaken Sera unleash skill like Holy freeze turning everything to ice on screen.
Bane and Sera are not as mega sized as their God or Goddess like self in the normal or limited edition of the game.
Game Ending stem out to all unlocking limitless possible answer.
Movies unlock all for one character in single or dual player tag team include preview of future games by the to come.
Movies unlock included after each battle.
Assist Battle include dual combat in which the assist battle character joins the battle field and unleash deadly combo attacks.
If Bane or Sera die in unlock version its comic destruction.
Comic Destruction end movies change in game.
Unlock characters in games have different ending.
In Single Player tag together battles after using Assist Battle characters, player have no assist for 30sec in battle.
Rules for Bane and Sera do not use together as the two characters both final bosses do not get along in single player tag battle.
Tag team battle rules team up with friends(1-4) to explore the universe, defeated enemies can be only unlock as Assist Battle or join up Characters in any mode depending on the game choices. Join Up Characters join you if you are award three or two times level up from current level.
Assist Battle Characters assist in battle very few become join up characters.
Tag team battle rules allow you to keep up to three assist battle characters and six join up characters. Disbanded characters do not disappear they appear in other modes.
Tag team battle rules include mega sized final bosses cannot be unlock as it made the game look easy.
Tag team battle rules for final bosses beat them and unlock secrets of origin.
Secrets of Origin is a dungeon team up battle game in which enemies or assist characters defeated became harder to defeat.
Secrets of Origin is a dungeon team up battle game in which bosses are similar to your chosen character.
Bosses in Secrets Of Origins are enhanced dark or light version of your chosen character.
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