So.. what's up?


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Hey everyone! Just wondering what everyone's up to these days?

I myself already did a lot of digital drawing and also on paper when gamerforums was online for the last time. Nowadays I'm following an study for Multimedia design. I'm following internship at the moment, gotta follow that internship till next christmas. They already offered me a job for after the internship.

Next to that, nothing really much happening. :) What about you?!


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I have a pretty sucky day job working in a call centre which is the worst thing that ever happened to me. But it pays the bills!

There isn't much else to report haha!


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I'm working in web development, and have just recently gotten engaged and bought a house :D


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Working in an opticians. Studying to keep working there doing the same thing for more money :D. Great girl, good house, enjoy work, skateboard all the time and generally loving life :).


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Work in Tech support, get to go out of the office now and again to repair stuff.

Doing college course too, Foundation Degree in Computing.