Safe download for Warcraft 2


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My dad and I have recently found his copy of Warcraft 2 and it doesn't work. Is there any safe website where we can download the full game for free?



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Hey Jake

As though I have never played Warcraft 2, I do know how to get software for free. Your best bet is torrenting. If you don't know what torrenting is, torrenting is a quick small 5-10KB file you can download. This is obviously not the .EXE file itself. If you open the torrent file, it will open you in your torrenting program. If you don't have one, my main suggestion is UTorrent. Anyways, you can go to thousands of torrenting sites. Not all of them are virus free, so always be cautious while torrenting. For me it has been of much use. I have torrented multiple VSTi's for FL Studio 10, I've also downloaded some games from it to. If there's no safe torrents, then you'll either have to buy it or use a strange CD repairing method I found. You don't have to do this to your CD, but if you put toothpaste on the blank side, and rub in it, it should make the CD better quality. This will also work for smooth peanut butter. It has worked time and time again for me :)