Is GeForce NOW still worth it for you with the new opt-in system for developers and publishers?


Staff member
Since a lot of developers removed their games from GeForce NOW I have found the list of my games I am able to play on the service shrinking. The only game I have that I'd want to play on a regular basis is Mordhau. But I question whether it's worth paying £5 a month or if I should switch to the free tier since NVIDIA just took the first payment. I find the whole situation frustrating - the publishers/developers shouldn't be able to dictate where I run my software. What difference does it make whether I play on my own PC or a VM? Those publishers have just lost a customer to be honest. I did little PC gaming and probably bought 2 or 3 games a year in the last few years. I have bought triple that in just a few months as a result of GeForce NOW and now find myself unable to play some of these new purchases!

How do you feel? Will you continue to pay for the paid tier? Will you punish the publishers and developers who have put greed above ease of access for users?