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Dear Halo fans this is a email I sent to Bungie. From you the fans please rate this first part of three or of four and tell me what you think

Dear Bungie
I like you to read my idea's for a Halo 4 that could be done by Wingnut Interactive. This is mainly for the story but I do have about three weapon ideas. The story begins with right where the Master Chief left of on that unknown planet. The chief is awakened by Cortana saying that the energy for the ship is running low. He does wish to be left sleeping but he hears the alarm go off reading low energy. The wires seemed to be have chewed off so the energy supplies are low. The chief thinks it's just clouds but Cortana detects that their is some kind of carbon dioxide. The planet seems like a temperate forest. The chief and Cortana search the area and after awhile a creature suddenly attacks the Master chief then launches to bite him in two. The Chief struggles to keep himself alive then finds a rock of sorts and bashes the creatures head and seems to have killed it. The Chief comes to get a closer look Cortana seems to be trying to tell him that their something with the creature but he interrupts her but later sees something happening the creature is moving. So he then tries to get away but the creature is then after him Chief finds cover under some thick trees which he discovers is an abandoned UNSC dropship which seems some what different more advance. He takes the weapons which seems also newer. Cortana advises him to scout the area before engaging. After being attacked for awhile sees 12 human UNSC troopers and tries to speak to speak to them. They all seem surprised and as the Master Chief tries to say hello to them but a trooper panics and acts like he's seen ghost. The Chief saves them from a nasty attack from the creatures. One of them then who is a captain for this squadron Captain Jason who is intelligent and reliable as a solider, but is new to commanding and so far has made many mistakes but is a very kind and generous and some what a wise man. He sees that this may be no allusion and explains that this is the year 2635 nearly 80 years after the events of the destruction of halo. An Organization of Elites now called The United Elites Core U.E.C is now an organization of Highly trained Elites led by the Arbiter who is now a political leader rather than a train assassin with most x Covenant soldiers ranging from grunts to Jackal to even hunters. But the Brutes and some others still loyal to the Covenant have decided to tried to rebuild the Covenant and almost succeeded in the year 2595. That the United Elites Core and UNSC are at a hostile position with each other beacuse the UNSC did not show up against the Brute assault of May 14 2598. The Brutes and all who stay loyal to the old Covenant are called the out casts. The UNSC was handling a huge line of pirates attacks so they were unable to assist them in defending the U.E.C. So now there stands a great political standoff because of in the Elites minds the U.N.S.C's failure to act. But the Captains main focused is to get off the planet because of the creatures. Originally they were harmful omnivorous but only at the mating season during the warm and most season of the planet. After a few months of investigating the planet the began to notice some kind of mutations in the animals like they became mindless creatures and also deformation. The Chief and Cortana realized that flood is reasonable for this change of environment. So now the chief and the surveyors are trying to find a row of escape pods to get off because the ships systems are off line when the creatures attacked. In an open area were the escape pods have been found. They quickly without punching the proper coordinates they team with only 4 survivors of the U.N.S.C troopers. One of these troopers names is Steven Joseph who is part of the new Spartan Project. Started in 2626 this project has volunteers instead of forced because more of the proper DNA has been detected in citizens. Steven left his family a few months after High School so he could escape his broken family. His parents have argued since he was ten and his six year old brother was killed by pirates during the late years of the uprising. His DNA matched the proper conditions so he decided to sign up. He has been a pain to deal with since he joined the U.N.S.C even to his superiors and comrades. The survivors have landed on the planet Taiolo the U.E.C homeworld. A flood creature has taken two of the other survivors and now run rampant across the land. They have been captured by U.C.E soldiers and are taken to it's leader the Arbiter. The soldiers and the Master Chief are now in the capital of the U.C.E. So far tortured among it's citizens of mainly jackals,and Grunts. They now await for their sentence. The Arbiter now comes forth to see the prisoners for charges of trespassing on the planet without the proper authorization and hold weapons. Then the Arbiter sees before him a familiar face of the past. His highest guard Szye' Saliam who still feels aggressive toward the U.S.N.C. Szye' was once a young Elite in training before the betrayal of the Covenant, he was actually one of the special Elites and was and is proud of his military abilities. His abilities have made him arigant, he also felt uneasy about the allince with the with the humans but not so much at he would betray the other Elites cassed down like him. He does wish that the trasspassers get executed as with the agreement of 2601 states if anyone goes on forbidden U.C.E ground without the proper clearence and carried weapons would be executed. If they didn't have weapons they would be sent to prison. Those rules although not always agreeable applide to those who went on forbidden U.N.S.C ground who didn't have the proper clearence. For these grounds were either consitered sacrid or used for secret military operations. The Master Chief, Captain Jason, and Steven Joseph are put into a high field contaminate unit. Cortana is put into a high security computer to keep her from letting out the prisoners. The Arbiter comes to tries and is allowed to keep the prisoners in custody so he can show them their government system. When they come out Cortana, and Jason seemed interested in the many tall and massive structures. They have now reached the capital building later have come to the middle of the building where the first laws has been established nearly 80 years ago. The U.C.E's government is much like democracy and communism combined. There is the freedom of speech, keep arms, and vote for certain leaders, have a fair trail, and if the main leader fails to preform their duties they will be eliminated from their position. They are not allowed any religion, all citizens and leaders are on equal terms though the leaders have more responsibility than the normal citizen, all citizens all most have jobs, and all all the work effort is to the government. The Law forbids killing, stealing, you must pay taxes, you must not vandalize, and lying. They take law enforcement much more serious and they detect crime on their planet much more efficiently than on earth. They have had trouble times after the battle with the Cortana tries to tell the Arbiter about the flood then suddenly theirs an attack from the Brutes so the Arbiter allows The Chief and the others set free to help defend the capital city. The Chief notices a an axe shaped weapon, this is a new weapon called the Plasma Axe which acts like the energy sword but only half as powerful but is more easily used and when using the B button it will not use up any ammo so it's still useful. As the battle goes on the chieftain of the force Nartoonus. Who is a not only fierce warrior but also a impressive motivation speaker. He began the assault on the Elites in 2598 and is also deceptive. Of coerce his weakness is his pride and can get over confident. Captain Jason is holding his own, but so far Steven has gotten himself in allot of trouble and can't seem to be able to hold his own. This is part one of three or of four.


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Hi there Chief, nobody from those companies are going to get mad. It's a cool story, well done. I used to write a lot of stuff like this when I was younger, and send some stuff off... But I never heard anything back. I think what I realise now is that to compete with professional writers for these ideas your work needs to be well presented, and to the right people, and you need to have a portfolio. Perhaps this is not possible or too time consuming, but if you have a passion or interest I encourage you to continue. Computer games and computer games mythology is a great way to relax and be entertained, and a lot of people are involved in this million dollar industry. Keep writing, and try to steer your life in this direction if you would like to one day write for a computer game or movie!