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It's "Tekk" here... or Leo as the people in the "real world" would call me. Kiz is my cousin so he let me know about this!

Im seriously flooded with great memories just seeing this page layout...

Hopefully we'll hear from everyone and see how there doing. It's so weird cos I was just telling someone about how I used to live on this place when I played Unreal Tournament 24/7 back in the day.

I don't have quite as much time for games anymore with work and study... and general living. Regardless... I don't even remember talking about games all that much on this forum. It was more just a place to chat and get opinions...

I demand everyone says hello, and gives a run down of how lifes treating them! Photos optional... we never really seen each other. Its so bloody strange because I remember people from this forum as if they were friends from school or something. Yet have no face to put to the name, or no name to put to the nickname... :confused:

Anyway, heres a little video clip starring me:

YouTube - Leo - Frisco 50-50

And a picture:


Well... just like the old days ive managed to shite talk for quite a while there! I look forward to hearing from everyone!