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    Wasn't that someone's avatar/sig? :D
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    other projects

    Was this translated from Chinese?
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    Still tracking here, still on Modplug, still on the version from 2000 or something, still using the same drum samples. :p
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    Do you like anime girls?!!?!?

    I like Gargoyles, but there is no option. :(
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    They're all right here
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    My memory really sucks! Help reunite the GF crew.

    I messaged Mirry , Luggage, DMGF, Afro, Anti and Kevirus - I did have The_sp on msn also, but haven't seen him active a few years. Btw I'm 3rd from the bottom of that list, and Leilei is 2nd from the top.
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    GF reunited.

    How fast can you say Offtopic/Spam/Delete/Permaban? :D?
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    GF reunited.

    I let Mirry, CHP, and Kevvirus know too, don't have any contact details for anyone else. Good to see you again DMGF - what you been up to the last 5 years? :D
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    GF reunited.

    I was formerly known best as a bright red cartoon cat avatar and the creator of the greenie emoticons/ vb theme. I see Cheap Alert is on, where's Lawgiver, Godflesh, Tekk, Mirry, Kevirus, Moose, Luggage and the rest of the GF/ Identity Crisis crew. :D Come on out the woodwork! :D
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    w00t, 4 years on.. Nice to see it back up! Who's gonna give Tekk the call? BTW - most of the greenie theme is available here :