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    Hopefully I can explain! If you download leilei's file, find a mod-player (modplug, modtracker etc.) and load the file into it, a tune will appear! If I recall, tracking was the best way to create new music for UT'99 - the .UMX files were wrappers for .MOD files. If I'm wrong I'm sure I'll be...
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    My memory really sucks! Help reunite the GF crew.

    Howdy Luggage! AntichristSuperstar and PrincessOmega are still alive and well - although not under those names! I'll see if I can catch them on MSN - unless they're already hiding here under new nicks ...
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    Modtracker? Audio files, if I'm not mistaken ... ?
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    Do you like anime girls?!!?!?

    And squirrels - everyone knows you like squirrels!
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    Greenies rock teh forumz :D
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    GF reunited.

    Well, hello there! I'm in :D