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    Google Stadia Stutter/Lag

    So I seem to have resolved the issue. While using Shadow I found that my ping was causing issues. A ping of 30 and below is required and as such I did some research around my ISP and router configuration with the aim of improving my ping. I found a feature called "Intrusion Detection" which was...
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    Google Stadia Stutter/Lag

    Hi @Gerben. Welcome to Gamer Forums. It does sound as if we have the same issue. I haven't really been able to find any examples of the same problem. I have also recently been using the Stadia app natively on my Android TV box, Nvidia Shield TV instead of the modified Chrome browser I was...
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    What do you think about the free Stadia Pro games?

    The number of free games on the Google Stadia Pro tier has far exceeded the initial expectations of many. But does the quality of the games meet your expectations? Personally I have been unable to enjoy any of the titles on offer due to a Stadia connectivity issue, but notable games for me are...
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    Google Stadia Stutter/Lag

    Since it's now possible to install the Stadia app on Android TV I resubscribed and decided to try again on my NVIDIA Shield. The stuttering issue persists which I guess rules out the Chromecast Ultra being the issue. It's truly confusing as no other service I use is affected. I will continue to...
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    What do YOU think is going to happen to the Wii?

    It seems Wii modding is still alive and kicking today. I don't have my original Wii but plan to get a replacement. I guess to a lot of people today the Wii is a distant memory but there were a lot of great games available. I dismissed the console as a gimmick originally so didn't really spend...
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    Which model of XBOX One do you have?

    Just a quick poll to find out what the divide between console models is among GF members,
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    Welcome back to GamerForums!

    Here we are, 12 years later. "Rise from your grave!" seems apt.
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    Shadow game streaming in the UK & Europe

    Since publishers and developers are squeezing the viability out of GeForce NOW for gamers I decided to look at alternative VM services that could stream my game library. I decided to pre-order a service called Shadow that has already launched in the USA and is due to launch in the UK in the next...
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    Is GeForce NOW still worth it for you with the new opt-in system for developers and publishers?

    Since a lot of developers removed their games from GeForce NOW I have found the list of my games I am able to play on the service shrinking. The only game I have that I'd want to play on a regular basis is Mordhau. But I question whether it's worth paying £5 a month or if I should switch to the...
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    Google Stadia Stutter/Lag

    I pre-ordered Google Stadia Founders Edition and fired it up not long after receiving it. Unfortunately I ultimately decided 6 months later to sell it and move on as I did not manage to get it to work as intended on a single occasion. The problem I had was not with lag or input delay nor was it...
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    Welcome back to GamerForums 2020.

    Welcome back to GamerForums 2020.
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    Need to format your external hard disk to FAT32 for your XBOX 360 or PS3?

    When I first bought an external hard disk, I was excited about being able to watch videos, and HD videos through my XBOX 360. I loaded my files onto the disk and hooked it up to the console.... Nothing. The disk was not recognised. At the time I did not realise that your disk needs to be...
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    Dead Rising 2 Case Zero - XBOX 360 Live Arcade preview video

    Here's a cool video from Gamespot showing off Dead Rising 2 Case Zero. I've played this a little over the last few days and I've really enjoyed it. I didn't realise before I bought it on XBOX Live Arcade that it would be so short! I guess it's cheap at 400 points so I can't really complain. It's...
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    leilei, your CSS links is DEAD! :O
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    Just a question about installing gta iv

    Hi Rick, sorry... I probably got here way too late. If you need help again, post the specifications of the game as well and I'm sure someone will be able to help you out!