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Thread: Morphstar, are you out there?

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    Default Morphstar, are you out there?

    Me and Morph started GF back in 2000. We had a falling out a few years later and he pulled a disappearing act (for those of you around, it was major freaky - he left messages saying about how he was going to die - the same weekend as 911 happened. We were all a little younger and more foolish back then - no hard feelings. His Deviantart account got updated afterwards though (and he was a mod on UBB Dev), so I'm pretty sure he wasn't involved (I hope).

    After so much time though, I just want us to be friends! Morph, are you out there? Please sign up and say hi.

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    I guess he isn't out there. Or at least he doesn't look in here anymore... It was nice knowing you Ray.

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    Those twin towers had it coming! Just kidding, I'm very much alive still. Don't even recall that shit, just know there was drama and we all parted seperate ways for some reason. It's too long ago. I'm glad I know what I ate last night, let alone recall childish drama. Pasta btw, I think.
    Was it really 2000? Feels much longer ago. 11 years though is a long time. Think I remember your nickname correctly though, Orgseey right?!

    Right now I'm a successful entrepreneur living happy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    What you all up to nowadays?

    I myself am desperately looking for Shib / Shibby / x0r / Gaz / Nature (all of his nicknames), we were mates long before gamerforums ever existed, when it was just the old kingpin / UT forums. (Skinpin or something? haha) We played Quake promode together for a long time. He disappeared one day and I lost all means of contact with him (due to files lost..), love to say hi and talk a bit if you're out there someday man. I still owe you, and I got something to show
    I guess I was known to you as Morph / Morphstar / rgw / Septik / sept / rusted and fuck else nicknames I had. I'm paranoid, alright?! Anyways.

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