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Thread: 2k sucks - bordlerands 2 keeps screwing EVERYTHING UP!!!

  1. Angry 2k sucks - bordlerands 2 keeps screwing EVERYTHING UP!!!

    Do NOT buy DLC from 2k they will not stand behind their product. I now hate 2k. They took a great game in borderlands 2 and turned it into a piece of crap that keeps asking me to redownload everything over and over and over. Its not just once. Not twice. Over and over. I cleared the cache. I DID everything and finally fixed it over a month ago after hours of work but then I downloaded the season pass and spent 5+ hours downloading all the related contents and its BACK!!!

    Oh yeah and 2k refuses to refund my money for the useless DLC I purchased. Screw you 2k!! I paid for TWO COPIED OF BORDERLANDS DISCS AND DOWNLOADED TWO SEASON PASSES ON TWO DIFFERENT XBOXES AND ALL I GOT WAS AN ENDLESS LOOP. arrrrrggghhhhhhHH!!!!!!!!

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    Well that hasn't happened to anyone else it seems so sorry for your luck
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